Nika, Venus, Bianca, Lexi & Sydney
"Thank you! Had a great time with the team! GFE lahat. Malambing and masaya kasama, enjoy lahat ng team groom!!! Walang dull momemt and everyone was very accommodating. Magaganda lahat sulit na sulit. We will recommend the experience!!"
Venus, Nika & Sydney
"The party was really awesome, fun and naughty. Just the way the boys like it!"
Venus, Lexi, Nika, Sydney and Bianca
Stag Mommas were very top-notch and yummy! Everyone was very accommodating and easy to approach. First time lang namin na meet ung ladies pero parang matagal nang kakilala. And when it comes to the performance... 11/10 talaga! Sobrang galing and prepared sila with their routines. Parang ang sarap tuloy mag stag party kahit walang ikakasal hahaha! Super recommended to everyone who wants to have a great time. Hats off to you ladies! Sa uulitin!  
Indoor Games: Sydney & Venus
Surely one of the best times I had in a long time during this entire lockdown period. Kudos to the girls from making sure safety was first but at the same time making sure I had the best time. It's like a party for one but you can be both the host and guest at the same time. Their indoor games ensures that you don't miss out on a good venue and ensuring ones privacy. All I can say is wild wild wild if that is your thing! Next time I'll come prepared.
Gino H.
Lexi, Venus, Nika & Sydney
Worry free party planning. All I had to do was make the proper booking and they took care of the venue  and our choice of drinks. Food delivery is very easy via grab food. The girls were sexy, beautiful faces and three of the four were quite chatty while one was mysteriously shy, (she turned out to be the wildest). Lots of potential for future parties and the convenience of setting things up is the best part. I give ten stars for the logistics and a perfect score for Venus, Nika, Lexi and Sydney who made our day unforgettable! Till next ladies!
Sydney, Lexi, Venus & Nika
Saan ba kayo noong tigang na tigang ako? Haha. Love the fact that all we need to do was call in and they prepared all the indoor activities including venue. This is the new way to have naughty fun in the new normal so we hope to do another themed booking next time. We really enjoyed the school girl theme so looking forward to another wild time!
Nika, Lexi, Venus & Sydney
I've been a guest of numerous stag parties of my friends wherein Stag Mommas was the go-to group for female companionship. The ladies are very gorgeous, exquisite and very alluring. Most importantly, they are very professional in their line of work. Never was there a dull moment in those parties. Don't be fooled if you're thinking twice about their rates, it is definitely worth it. Surely, we are looking forward to more parties with these fine ladies!
Nika, Lexi & Sydney
I have always wanted to book the Stag Mommas for the longest time. That chance finally came when I decided to throw my best friend a bachelors party. From inquiry to communication to finally meeting them Nika, Sydney and Lexi, everything went very smoothly. Nika was the point person, and she was very professional over messages and calls. We met them in one of the hotels in the metro. They look hot in the website photos, and even more fantastic in person. The girls were petite, and gave off that school/college girl vibe. I will not go into details. The girls provided all the entertainment we could've imagined. From the games to the show. It was a mix of laughter and sexiness. I have been to several stag parties, and me and my friends all agreed this was the best party we have been in, hands down. Can't wait for another.
Nika, Lexi, Sydney & Venus
Where do I begin?? The place had an incredible view of the city, everything was well organized and tidy. You guys are so fun to be with! (Our Lion went way into the jungle hahaha!) that kind of energy and enjoyment is something we will never forget. Missing you ladies!
Sydney, Lexi, Nika & Venus
Thank you guys sa inyo kagabi. Mukha namang nag enjoy ang lahat and you guys did a great job. Sabi ko na eh. Hindi ako mapapahiya. Hahaha. Keep it up girls! Sa susunod na stag ulit.
Sydney, Nika, Lexi & Venus
"The job of a courtesan is to make the man forget he ever paid for it." - Little Finger, Game of Thrones   This has always been my standard when it comes to services like this. Stag Mommas went above and beyond my expectations with their charm, wit, and professionalism in delivering a night I will remember till I grow a full head of grey hair.   My friends and I had the pleasure of being entertained by Sydney, Nika, Lexi and Venus. They already looked hot in the photos but even those provocative shoots don't do them justice in person. Underneath their gorgeous looks and smooth skin are women who are sweet and accommodating; a bevy of beauties befitting a city like Makati where business and pleasure intertwine.   I don't remember how much I spent nor do I care. All I know is I'm getting them again come hell or high water.
Ivan F.
Venus, Sydney, Lexi and Nika
"The more you touch, the more we feel." Definitely thumbs up and hands down for you guys. A little hesitant sa una. Pero isa lang masasabi ko. Sobrang solid!!! Ako naman ang bastusin nyo next. Haha! Definitely one for the books! Cheers! Super thank you.
Sydney, Venus, Lexi & Nika
This was our 4th time to engage SM for our stag party needs, and our consensus is that the best we've ever had! No dull moments. All our expectations met or even exceeded. Short individual FRs: Sydney - life of the party Venus - bump and grind vixen Lexi - girl next door vibes Nika - petite doll face Kahit naubusan na kami ng groom sa barkada, mukhang mapapa-stag party kami just to reconnect with these lovely ladies. Until next time!
Sophia, Venus, Nika, Lexi & Sydney
Getting the entire Stag Mommas is definitely an unforgettable experience. Their technique and professionalism, couple with the masterful grasp of their craft, result in their indescribable night that I once thought only existed in fantasies. They provide a full experience when you get more than what you pay for. Looking forward to spend time again with them soon.
Lexi, Venus, Nika & Sophia
SM still is the best! All were sexy and beautiful, standard lahat ang antigen testing to make sure safe ang event. Very entertaining as always, sulit na sulit with the fun games and wild performances. Special mention to Lexi's ass. Nakakabaliw.
anonymous suki