Top-rated, one of the most stunning and comfortable mix of intimate comfort and a wild ride, Sydney will have you sit back and relax to enjoy a magnificent time with her or allow you to take command and relish complete submission to your whims. If I had a choice to go down under, I’d choose her all the time.




16 reviews for “SYDNEY

Overall Rating: 5
    Killer looks with the best personality

    By: Gerald Veneracion | 4 months ago

    Sydney’s sweet character and looks to match make for such an experience. Book her and you will surely get the best

    Wonderful Time with Sydney

    By: angrybird76 | 6 months ago

    Im writing this review with Syndey by my side. As always, a wonderful and fun time with her.

    By: Sir Chief | 6 months ago

    I am a long-time SM fan and I really don’t post FRs except that this one is a special exception. I had a walk with Sydney in June and it was awesome. She is drop-dead gorgeous and has perfect body to go with her looks. I could not take my eyes off of her face the whole time I was with her. She aims to please and you will aim to want to see her again and again. Stay safe, Babe and see you again and again.

    Great time with Sydney

    By: N | 6 months ago

    I met Sydney in early July and was surprised that she looked great in pictures but looked better in person.

    She has both a beautiful face and a beautiful body.

    I enjoyed her attitude and professionalism.

    The great sex was the bonus too.

    Definitely meeting her again.

    By: Martin | 7 months ago

    Got this girl twice now. And each encounter was more mind-boggling than the last. She is much prettier in person and goddamn those boobies hehe. Till our next party!

    Amazing Sydney

    By: M | 8 months ago

    Finally met Sydney a few weeks back. We have been trying to meet since early this year but our schedules won’t allow us. When we were finally able to meet, all I said was “worth the wait!”. She was very beautiful and her body — wow! No words can’t describe how hot she was and I kept telling her that. Attitude wise, she was punctual and was able to talk to her comfortably. All in all, our encounter was one to remember and definitely one to repeat. Will see her again soon!

    By: Seph | 8 months ago

    It’s been a while since I last availed of SM services and Sydney was a good welcome back treat! For starters she’s very friendly that you’ll immediately get comfortable with her. Next she’s soft to touch that you’ll enjoy her teasing moves. And of course the deed is absolutely satisfying. Definitely I’ll recommend her for those who wants to get back at the game!

    By: Mr. E | 8 months ago

    Fun encounter with Sydney. Great personality, mad skills, sexy as hell. Napiga ako nang husto; this is why I call her Boy Sa-id 😂😂

    2 of 3 Possibilities

    By: Ivan F. | 9 months ago

    I got Sydney again 2 weeks after booking her for a stag party with my friends. Oh, how I counted those days since she showed me what a woman who knows herself can do for a man like me.

    Sydney immediately reminded me of how much she is a woman of boundless charm and energy. Spending another night with her taught me a few new things, as I would share with you, my fellow gents:

    Spending enough time with Sydney can only lead to 2 of 3 possibilities:

    1) You fall in love with her
    2) You give all your money to her
    3) Both 1 & 2

    If you’re booking Sydney, take care of her, and she will DEFINITELY take care of you!

    Everything and More Than I Could’ve Asked For

    By: Ivan F. | 9 months ago

    Where do I even begin with Sydney? A man like me has a simple but very particular taste in women, and Sydney was everything and more than I could’ve asked for.

    At the start of the party I sat down on the couch admiring the beauties in front me. It was Sydney who first and pretty much held my attention the entire night. She initially approached me in her black stilletos, tight pencil skirt and a white top emphasizing her buxom assets. Watching her walk towards me was a treat in itself.

    “I’m Sydney” her honeyed introduction was accompanied with a look of curious intent. Oh, had I been an older man, I would’ve died right then and there, lost in her beautiful gaze. From the introductions, to the teasing, the games, and towards the end of the party, it was as if magic that Sydney knew – at every step – what buttons she had to press to get me going.

    Sydney was my muse, the perfect companion for a night of fun and relaxation and never leaving a desire unsatisfied. Just be careful though, you might fall in love with her! Cheers!

    By: Chinito | 10 months ago

    So after 2 yrs…I took a staycaytion and decided to avail SM services…I chose Sydney will the positive reviews I read here…I did not regret it at all…from the get go we friendly…and the rest of the night was so worth it…thank you again babe

    The down under with Sydney

    By: Angrybird76 | 11 months ago

    Last week I had another moment with Sydney. Its been a month since my first engagement with her and it feels that every time I get to spend with her she shows me a variety of skills compared to the first one – to our enjoyment of course! No details to be shared as that is truly left in the bedroom but from sensual to raunchy is all what I can say. This was also another Indoor Games availment, and the venue this time was even better than the first. Clean, spacious and it really gives you that level of privacy for such deeds.
    Back to Sydney, for sure 1 or 2 encounters with her is not enough. Who knows, I may even take up her offer with her buddy next time! Thanks again Sydney dear and always take care.

    Starting the new year right

    By: MikeLim | 12 months ago

    I got Sydney as my first stagmomma ever since the pandemic started. All I can say is you’ll get your money’s worth. What a way to get back into the game!

    Thanks Sydney!

    By: Kingslayer 13 | 12 months ago

    I was a bit hesitant to try her at first because she is still new, but exceeded my expectations. Upon entering the room, usual introductions. Chatted a bit more until we were comfortable with each other and then we started to make out. I initially went for her because based on her pics on the site, I already knew I wanted her. If you like your girl slim with ample breasts, then definitely get her. I also found her very pretty and I kept staring at her throughout the time we were together. Treat her right, and she will definitely give you a time of your life. Beautiful face, seductive body, great conversationalist. Definitely going to see her again in the near future.

    By: Mazdaboi | 12 months ago

    Indoor games: Finally, after almost 2++ years of inactivity away from Stagmommas, opportunity allowed me to experience once again the SM way. Every GM naman knows how Stagmommas play their game, and they are always at the top of it. So, these are the thoughts according to what I’ve experienced.
    Meeting place:
    – Very sossy looking. Comfy and complete with amenities. Very nice A/C, Bed and Bathroom.
    – Plenty of parking slots and convenience stores.
    – Place is quiet and discreet. (Unlike some motels and appartelles)
    Stagmomma SYDNEY:
    – Seriously, You NEED to be with this Gal. Try and Thank me later hehe.
    – FV, BV, Attitude – 1000/10
    – Very professional and witty.
    *PS – looking forward for the next SM session – THE BEST!

    Sydney is one hot momma

    By: DJ | 1 year ago

    After years of not meeting any girls of the Stag Mommas, I finally got the chance again today and this time with Sydney. She is one hot momma indeed! Seeing her in person is a definite treat and all the more the company she provides. Very professional and has a bubbly and funny personality but also gives you one experience not to forget. Will I go back to meet, definitely yes!
    I also like the venue they provide – very clean, comfy and safe.

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