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    By: Robert | 6 months ago

    My gf and I wanted to try doing a 3some. We’re not sure who to get as our 3rd so we decided to get a stag momma instead. I showed her the photos of the SMs and she picked Venus. Needless to say, I was happy with her choice because Venus is hot!!!🔥🔥🔥

    So I contacted Venus, and scheduled her one Saturday. GF and I booked a hotel and that’s where we asked Venus to go to.

    Venus was very professional and came 30 mins earlier than the agreed upon time. When she came, we had drinks first in the hotel room and talked for a while. This helped my gf loosen up to her as well.

    We had a great time hanging out and just talking about stuff. After awhile, I took a bath first and left the two ladies to have a 1 on 1 conversation. After that, my gf took a bath and I had my 1 on 1 with Venus. I went over the rules that my gf and I agreed on as to what we can do and cannot do.

    Then after my gf finished her bath, Venus took a bath as well. Gf and I moved to the bedroom and cuddled in bed while we wait for Venus to finish.

    After Venus finished her bath, she came to us and crawled beside my gf and started kissing her body.

    Without going to too much details, Venus helped my gf relaxed and get comfortable and we had an awesome threesome experience! GF even did things I didn’t expect her to do, and I think Venus and alcohol had a lot to do with that.

    Venus is a gem! Hot AF! And knows how to play nicely with a couple. Gf was really happy with the experience!

    10/10 for Venus!

    Venus FR

    By: Harvest | 7 months ago

    It’s my first time back in Manila after 3 years. Being away from the scene so long, I only had the old website. Luckily I had a few old SM contacts that sill responded. Heather helped me navigate through the new links. I quickly set-up a meet-up with Venus and it was very smooth. I was very glad that the SMs had COVID precautions covered in their protocols.

    On the day of the meet-up, Venus was actually super early and volunteered to get the room for us. Walang keme. Luckily I was only 5 min away. She is everything the SMs of old were known for – maganda, maalaga, malambing, mabaet. I had a very relaxing time with her and enjoyed every minute. I hope the SMs can survive the pandemic. I’ll be very upset if they will not be part of my vacations in the future. I hope to meet Venus again before I leave.

    By: Henry | 11 months ago

    Two words that describe Venus are caring and affectionate. Caring because she put my needs first and made sure that I enjoyed my time with her. Affectionate because from the moment we started and the moment we finished, she made sure that I felt loved. Honestly, I couldn’t get enough of her so I had to extend my stay and let me tell you, every minute with her was worth it!

    By: Big Boss Man | 12 months ago

    Never had a chance giving FRs after meet ups, however necessities dictates me to do so, kasi iba talaga si Venus. Well, not to mention lahat naman ng Stag Mommas are extraordinary, I mean, if guys are into this practice talaga, you cannot compare, iba talaga pag Stag Mommas.

    Going back to Venus, well, I met her twice, and on the second meet up, she raised the bar much further. Maasikaso, malambing, punctual, polite, and walang apprehensions, malinis. You can ask everything for her to do (except of course the dont’s). Pero kasi para sa akin iba talaga.

    I would give her a 10/10 everything. Tell me I am biased, but that is what she is. And by the way, I haven’t remember giving somebody from SMs a lower remarks… Meron ba?

    Venus is one helluva person, grabe, can’t wait till our next meet up. Solid!

    By: Ryan | 12 months ago

    Venus is a topnotch babe who knows how to have a good time. She is really professional and make your head spin because her skills are topnotch. Smells good, fiercely hot and sexy! You can’t resist this babe.

    By: Vince | 12 months ago

    “A woman filled with surprises. Very sweet, sexy and attractive and can carry a good conversation. There’s no dull moment with her and she knows her way on how to take good care of you as well. Despite the short notice, she happily obliged and still managed to meet in time. To GMs, please take good care of this lady for she deserves the best for she will give you her best as well.”

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