Sydney, Nika, Lexi & Venus

“The job of a courtesan is to make the man forget he ever paid for it.” – Little Finger, Game of Thrones


This has always been my standard when it comes to services like this. Stag Mommas went above and beyond my expectations with their charm, wit, and professionalism in delivering a night I will remember till I grow a full head of grey hair.


My friends and I had the pleasure of being entertained by Sydney, Nika, Lexi and Venus. They already looked hot in the photos but even those provocative shoots don’t do them justice in person. Underneath their gorgeous looks and smooth skin are women who are sweet and accommodating; a bevy of beauties befitting a city like Makati where business and pleasure intertwine.


I don’t remember how much I spent nor do I care. All I know is I’m getting them again come hell or high water.

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